Women approach tombstone thinking no one’s watching, only for camera to catch them

A cemetery is a sacred thing, where people should be free to mourn and pay respects to those no longer among us. It’s generally considered a safe and secure place, one where no one can do us harm.

Which is what makes the following footage so terribly upsetting.

In it, two women can be seen walking towards a tombstone while thinking no one is looking. Fortunately, their actions are being recorded by a hidden camera.

It’s normal for relatives to leave roses or other nostalgic things after they’ve visited a grave. Would you be able to envision, at that point, how it must feel for them to do so one day, just to return on the following day and discover their things missing?

One such episode was gotten on camera at a burial ground in New London, Ohio, two years prior. A lady saw that the window box she had given to her father on Father’s Day in 1977 was gone. The pot itself wasn’t costly or excessively noteworthy, yet its nostalgia was.

The woman didn’t know how to get it back, so she turned to the police. With the help of a surveillance camera, they were lucky enough to solve the mystery. Footage from the camera depicted a black car driving to the cemetery. Two women then get out, head straight for a tombstone and proceed to take things from it.

The women, both in their 60’s, would later be identified and charged with theft. The most incredible thing about it all? One of the women was an elected official within the municipality.

Watch the footage in the video below:

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