Man Wins $20,000 On Family Feud. But Then He Collapses In Tears & Steve Realizes It’s Not Enough.

In an emotional clip on YouTube, Steve Harvey, host of “Family Feud,” recalled a man who had appeared on his show a number of years earlier.

Harvey said the man had played three rounds of the game show with his family and earned $20,000. But the host also noticed that the man was sweating a lot … more than normal, in fact. Harvey recalled that the man seemed agitated and uncomfortable and eventually needed to change his shirt.

The TV host became more worried as time went on.
“You know, I was trying to joke with him, but he was sweating too hard,” the television host recalled. “I said, ‘Man, something’s wrong with this man.’”

When he approached him at the end of the show, Harvey said he was concerned about the man and his reaction to winning. The contestant was weeping and had fallen on his knees, grateful to have won the $20,000. Most people who win a lot of money on game shows jump around and scream in happiness and excitement. But it’s not normal to see someone collapse and sob.

“He was just a wreck,” Harvey said. “Finally, he won the $20,000 and he just fell on his knees and wouldn’t stop crying.”

He never anticipated the genuine purpose behind his tears.

The man disclosed to Harvey that he was critically ill and didn’t have a great deal of time. Actually, he was just expected to live an additional three months. His analysis made it unthinkable for him to get protection, and he was unnerved about how his family would get by after he passed away.

Harvey understood that while $20,000 was a ton of cash, despite everything it would not be sufficient for this man and his family. Thus, he chose to connect with a liberal motion and include $25,000 of his own cash.

Harvey’s over-the-top reactions have immortalized him on the internet.
Harvey has been the host of “Family Feud” since 2010. Previously, he hosted “The Steve Harvey Show” and produced a number of other television shows. He is famous for his stunned, melodramatic deadpan stares when contestants give answers that he finds particularly shocking or absurd. Occasionally, the game show host bursts into uproarious laughter at an unexpected answer. His reactions have even made him a source for social media memes and GIFs.

Contestants sometimes give less-than-intelligent answers.
On one episode of “Family Feud,” a contestant was asked to name a common object that people use to practice kissing during their teenage years. His shocking answer? “Sister!”

Harvey collapsed on his podium with his head in his hands while the audience roared with laughter. The contestant blushed and chuckled nervously.

“You got a device now — it’s called YouTube,” quipped Harvey. “You’re gonna be a major star.”

But Harvey isn’t just a meme — he’s also a generous giver.
These jokes and put-downs have earned Harvey internet and television fame, but behind the scenes, Harvey is a titan of charitable giving. He and his wife started The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, which aims to give children educational opportunities, mentors, and programs. They hope to help children better themselves and advance in ways that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. The foundation includes programs specifically targeted at young men and women, including its “Girls Who Rule The World” program.

Harvey is also a contributor to the United Negro College Fund, a charity that supports the needs of historically black colleges. It also provides scholarships and internships for students that attend them.

Given the patronage of his own private charity and others, it is unsurprising to learn that Harvey was willing to be so generous to a man who was almost a stranger.
Still, it takes an extraordinary act of kindness to give so much money to a person in need. Although he doesn’t know what happened to the former contestant and his family, Harvey hopes that his contribution made things easier for them, even temporarily.