Brave Little Girl Calls 911 To Save Dad’s Life, And Her Conversation With The Dispatcher Is Cracking Everyone Up

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Some time ago, Savannah Hensley’s father Frank found himself in trouble, experiencing chest pains and having difficulty breathing. He dialed 911 to get help, but just as the call went through, Frank lost the ability to talk. And that’s when Savannah stepped up. Back then, she was only 5 years old.

After the administrator ensured that help was en route, he had a go at keeping Savannah by her dad’s side in the event that things took a go to the more awful. What pursued next was presumably the sharpest and most charming discussion a young lady this youthful can have.

“Most people, when you talk with them, they’re so hysterical,” Hancock County dispatcher Jason Bonham, the man who received the call, noted. “Every time I’ve listed to it, it’s amazing. She’s just a little person.”

For nearly 10 minutes, Savannah stayed on the line handling a scary situation with courage. Scroll down to check out their exchange and tell us what you think about it in the comments!

Savannah Hensley was only 5 years old when life threw her a curveball

Her dad was experiencing chest pains and had difficulty breathing, so little Savannah had to get help

Luckily, Savannah’s dad was fine, largely because of her articulate and level-headed nature

People quickly fell in love with the brave little girl